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What's In a Dream?

Originally published May 16, 2012

Have you ever woken up from a dream and known it was something special? Something different than your other average dreams? You may not have been able to put your finger on what made it different…but you just knew it meant something. I have had dreams like that. A lot actually. I think I was in high school the first time I heard someone talk about supernatural dreaming. I didn’t pay much attention to my dreams before that. But soon after, I started noticing some dreams were more special than others…and I started searching out what they meant.

That was years ago, and the journey between then and now has taken me through a continual adventure of learning to interpret supernatural dreams…and following where they may point. Sometimes I’ve missed the interpretation and learned from my mistakes. I’m still learning. But I’ve also managed to have some good results. Because of dreams, I ended up: going back to school, traveling to various countries and not to others, telling friends information about their situations there was no other way I could know, pursuing certain friendships, and even not dating certain men. Yup. Dreams are an important part of my life. And that’s one of the reasons I used dreams so extensively in The Realm: The Awakening Begins.

I don’t believe all dreams are supernatural or even that all supernatural dreams are from a good source. But there are ones that are pure and good, and those are the ones I look for and give weight to.

Have you ever had a supernatural dream you listened to? What happened?

(picture by Antonio de Pereda - The Knight's Dream - Found on Wikipedia)

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