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Traveling with Headphones


My friends and I have been working, off and on, on various music related projects that link in with some of my books.


Andi Roselund composed and recorded with his wife, the incredible background music for The Realm: The Awakening Begins audio book

Audio book available here: Audible and Amazon


And we have also started working on music inspired by 2108, as well as expanding on some from The Realm! I have no idea when the music for 2108 will come out, but here’s our first release, related to The Realm: “Love Forever Wins” The Realm Theme Song The song is available to buy/listen to on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and just about any other digital music site. It's the song Graisia hears Jaron singing in the forest.


Be sure and check out more of Andi's music here (newer music), and here (older music).


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And you can find the LYRICS HERE

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