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Reaching for a Book


Welcome teachers and parents!


Free lesson plans below!

My most recent book related to education is Spirituality and Justice – A Study Guide for, The Realm: the Awakening Begins. Check it out!


I hope to continually expand with more and more teaching resources that go with my books. Please continue to check back on this page often!

If you would like me to visit your class or school, or do a Zoom or FaceTime call with your class, group or book club, please contact me on the contact page for more information. I was a teacher for a number of years and love sharing with students! some point, a book full of lesson plans related to The Realm: The Awakening Begins, including test questions activities and exercises. But there are some below in the meantime! Sign up on my mailing list to be notified of new releases.


If you have suggestions or would like to share lessons of your own on any of my books, please contact me!

Lesson Plans


The Realm: the Awakening Begins Comprehension Questions

KL Glanville Autobiography and Related Questions


Story Arc Lesson Plan

Story Arc Worksheet

The Senses Lesson Plan

The Senses Worksheet


Map Worksheet

Basic Skills

Map Worksheet

Critical Thinking

Flag Worksheet

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