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Change the World

It’s not enough to just learn about some of the terrible things happening in this world. We need to do something about it. And we can! You and me. Below are a list of groups and organizations who are working to make a difference. Perhaps you, your class or family could join with one of them to help make a difference in our world.


And then let me know how you’ve helped. I’d love to hear!


Child Sponsorship

A lot of children don’t have the money they need to go to school, get clothes or have healthy meals every day. These organizations all give you a way to sponsor a child. You get to write to them too! I sponsored a child for a number of years, and eventually got to meet her in person!






Micro Loans

There are many people who would be able to better their lives (expand their farm or business, etc) if they just had a small loan. You can partner with others to help people improve their own lives. You can have an account there, and as soon as the loan gets paid back, you get to loan the money out again to someone else!

Child Soldiers

With this organization, you can help to rescue children who are forced to be soldiers.

Clean Water

In many places around the world, clean healthy water is hard to come by. Can you imagine not having good water to drink? These organizations build water wells around the world. But they need your help.

Building Homes

This organization has helped to build over 500,000 affordable homes around the world. You can either donate money or actually help to build one of the homes.

Books & Literacy

Did you know that by reading books you can help others learn how to read? Sounds strange, right? But this company uses profits from every book they sell to help other people learn how to read! They’ve got a great “bargain bin” where you can find new or used books at good prices.

Carrying Clean Water

This group has invented really cool water carriers that make getting water from far away a lot easier.

Human Trafficking

Believe it or not, at this time in the world, many people are bought and sold like slaves. Most of these people are women and children.

This group rescues children from trafficking and exploitation.

This group is a great source of information on the topic. They help stop human slavery and give advice on how you can help too.  

This organization helps women and children caught in this terrible life. They also sell clothes and jewelry made by the women who were former slaves.

This group helps to rescue, rehabilitate and restore oppressed, trafficked, and persecuted people around the world.

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