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The Supernatural, Practical, Compassionate & Fun of Writing

Originally Published January 26, 2012

Welcome to a journey of the supernatural, practical, compassionate and fun. Can those four go together? Apparently so. I’ve continually been stretched in each of these areas over the last decade or so as I’ve been on a journey of writing and then publishing.

The supernatural. I love the supernatural. I love learning about it. I love asking questions and diving in deeper through research … and experience. I believe the supernatural is real! I don’t want to just make up the supernatural stuff I write about, I want to research what is really real, and integrate that into my writing. I may not always be right. I know I’m not always right. But it’s downright fascinating to keep learning and push towards what is really real.

The practical. My goodness. I didn’t know a person could keep learning about the art and craft of writing forever and ever. I guess I somehow believed I’d reach a certain level and simply become “a good writer.” But this fountain seems absolutely endless. Just last night, I talked with one of my former students, and we ended up discussing my upcoming novel, 2108: Eyes Open. I told him I was hoping to make it into a trilogy. He shared ideas about storytelling and story arc that were fascinating and inspiring. Which makes me think … I should write a blog on some of what he had to say.

Social change. Since I was a teenager, I’ve wanted to somehow help orphaned or abandoned children. I’ve wanted to help make this world a better place. One of the ways I try to do this is by bringing awareness to various issues through my writing. But it doesn’t stop with awareness, does it? To bring change, we need to actually do something about it. Can we change the world? None of us can by ourselves, but if we work together … who knows the limits!

Fun. If something is not fun, I have a hard time wanting to be a part of it. Reading a good story is one fun thing I greatly enjoy, and learn from. I’ll be posting some reviews of good young adult books that my friends and I have been reading. Sometimes the post will be by me, and other times it may be a friend or guest.

This is the kaleidoscope of topics you’ll find tumbling around on this blog over the weeks and months ahead. I hope you’ll leave feedback and interact with me as we learn and journey along on this fun and unpredictable adventure together!

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