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The Power of Love - Is it Really the Strongest Power?

Originally Published June 13, 2012

In an ancient text, there is a description of love that has lasted for centuries. It describes love as patient, kind, always hoping, and believing the best of others (among other things). In The Realm: The Awakening Begins, I talk about how love is the strongest power there is. There are times when I write about things, and then there are times when I am challenged to live them out. Is love really the strongest power there is? What about hate? What about jealousy? Or revenge? Those seem pretty powerful too. But they are not as strong. They are actually crippling.

I recently felt hurt by a friend and was left with a choice: do I close my heart, think the worst of them and forget they were even my friend? Or do I look with the eyes and heart of love, and see what transformation love might bring? For now, I have chosen love. It is a daily choice…sometimes hourly. But my heart is not closed. My feelings are not bitter. I have hope, and I have joy. That does not mean there is not pain when I feel wronged. But I choose to have hope that this friendship can become better. I choose to be patient as this friend learns and grows. Why? Because I want and need the same in return. Because I am not perfect. Because I have been loved, and know the joy and strength it brings when unexpected. I know what it’s like for someone to have hope in me when I do not have hope in myself. Love is strong. It builds up…and is more powerful than anything else there is.

~ ~ ~

For fun, I’ve put a video below of Huey Lewis’ The Power of Love, that was featured in one of my all-time favorite movies, Back to the Future.

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