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Who Says You Can't Have a Theme Song for a Book Series?

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

I love music. I love to sing and I play various instruments…to varying degrees of proficiency. As a result, whether one of my characters is singing a song, listening to their favorite music, or describing music they’re hearing in a certain scene, music has a tendency to creep into my books. So why not make use of it and branch out beyond just the written word? Why not give a book or series a theme song?

I'm so grateful to have such talented friends that could help make this dream a reality. I had written part of the lyrics for a song in The Realm: the Awakening Begins, but it was only part of the lyrics...and no music. So I completed the song and took them to one of my uber talented childhood friends, Andi, and his wife Nakyung. Both are amazing musicians! The result was a hauntingly beautiful piece (in my opinion). Find Andi on Instagram for a look at his current musical and otherly adventures.'s now available on iTunes or probably just about any other digital music site, as well as on my website, here (or below). The name of the song is “Love Forever Wins” and will come up in iTunes if you type in the title and “The Majestic High,” (the name of their band).

I hope you will give it a listen, download it and get carried away into the beauty of The Realm. Andi also did the amazing soundtrack for the audio book of The Realm: The Awakening Begins. I can’t rave about his music enough.

We've also started collaborating on some music mentioned in and inspired by 2108: Eyes Open. But I kind of want to wait till the series gets further along to release some of that. But oh...their such fun to work on! And I love pushing the boundaries of various art forms, blending them and creating more beauty. Who says you can’t have music that goes with a book?!

* Push the boundaries, pursue what you love, do what you’re gifted to do…even if it’s not the normal. Bring the beauty to earth you were born to bring *

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