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What's Your Angel Story?

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Originally Published July 25, 2012

Have you ever asked someone if they believe in angels? For some, you might as well be asking if they drove themselves to the moon and back. For others, it’s a very natural question. I guess I’d fall into the latter category. I think they’re very real…both the good and the fallen type. I have a feeling they do a lot in our lives that we have no clue about. I also think they sometimes let their presence be known and let us see some of the affects they are having in our lives.

I recently went through a tough couple of days. I already believed God uses angels to help me. But during those few difficult days, it seemed like there was frequently an encouraging presence nearby me. Unexpected ideas came to me at various times that inspired me and gave me new perspectives. I came out of those few days in a different place. A better place than I’d been in before. Was that an angel who whispered to me? I like to think God’s messengers are still at work today, helping us navigate this thing called life.

Have you ever thought an angel helped you somehow? Tell me your story!

(photographer unknown)

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