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What Flavor Are You?

Originally Published September 12, 2012

I heard a proverb once, about how people are like tea bags; you don’t find out their true nature until you stick them in hot water.

What do we do when bad things happen to us? What is the flavor of our tea? Is it bitter, or sweet? Or maybe spicy and fiery? Or maybe it’s weak and bland, spent and faded.

These ponderings have helped me today. Something painful happened this morning. Something discouraging, just as I am in the middle of trying to take some large steps forward in my business and writing. This pain made me want to just roll over and feel sorry for myself…give up for a while and focus on easy things.

I felt weak and spent. And though self-pity is nice for a moment, what does it actually accomplish? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Sigh. I can’t use my pain to hide behind. I don’t want to. I want to be sweet (instead of making life miserable for those around me) and I want to be fiery, full of passion that doesn’t take no for an answer. I want to be like the tea I invented for one of my next books (The Realm book 2). The name of the tea means “hummingbird fire,” and it’s sweet and spicy. Yes, I will choose to be sweet and spicy when I’m dropped in hot water.

I will choose to move forward. I may be a bit slower and I may have to make some modifications about HOW I do things, but I WILL choose to move forward.

And because I know you’re all curious about what the pain was that I encountered today, I injured my foot. Took a wrong step and went splat. I’ll find out tomorrow if it’s actually fractured or not.

Indecently, I’ve discovered that you also find out your friends’ flavors when YOU’RE the one in hot water. Those who choose to come alongside you in your pain will leak out what’s inside of them too. I’m so grateful for my sweet friends that are making my life even sweeter!

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