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Pursuing Dreams and Freaking Out

Originally Posted: March 27, 2014

I have never been accused of dreaming small. In fact I’d have to have you sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) if I told you all my dreams…. But how do we actually get there…from dreams to reality? Why do they remain ‘dreams’ for SO long, maybe even forever?

I’ll tell you why, it’s flippin’ scary to take actions that will make them real!! We’re talking, potentially losing-sleep, adrenaline-pumping, never-done-that-before, freak out(!), scary!!

Yes. That is what you have to face sometimes to make those dreams a reality. How do I know this?

I have dreams, as I mentioned before, but they were remaining dreams, they were growing dreams, but still in the dream world. It’s more comfortable to relegate them to dreams we can sit and look at from afar, discuss eloquently and admire. They might get shot down if we attempt them, we might fail, or sometimes scarier…we might succeed! But dreams take action, if we follow them, they will force us to change how we currently live (ouch!) and how we approach life. That is uncomfortable. Risky. Scary.

But when are we gonna get off our duffs and make them a reality!? For me, it’s taken a fear of another kind, fear of not paying my bills, that has pushed over the edge to change up my life in a way that will make my dreams become a reality. And I tell ya, I didn’t know how scared I was to pursue my dreams until I didn’t have the option to give up on them anymore. My back is against the wall, and it’s do or die. And I’m glad. Because otherwise, I might just sit there on my duff in a comfy recliner, pontificate on how authors don’t get paid enough, and admire the vision I’d painted on the wall.

My advice – when you get scared in the middle of pursuing your dreams, realize it WILL be scary, acknowledge it, and do it anyway. Find a way to motivate yourself to push through that fear if necessary – accountability of a friend (or enemy), or find a way to paint yourself into a corner with no way out buy UP! Because down and easy is awfully appealing when UP is hard and uncomfortable!

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