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Creative Storm

Remember Hurricane Sandy, back in 2012? Maybe not. But for a short time, a lot of the East Coast of the US was on high alert. I just happened to be in Massachusetts with some friends when it hit land.

Below is my original post from November 3, 2012

A few friends and I have been tucked away for a week in a cottage on the East Coast. As Sandy drew near, we hunkered down, charged our electronics, stocked up on canned food, ice and candles. We were ready for at least 24 hours without electricity. Surprisingly, Sandy just practically whispered by us. We got some wind and a little rain…but only a few minutes of no electricity. We purposefully dimmed the lights…just so we could use the candles. We were fortunate.

We may have escaped most of Sandy, but creatively, we cooked up a storm. From working on scripts to videos to doing research and writing, we kept ourselves busy and had fun along the way. Below is a bit of what came out of my “creative storm” this week. Hope you enjoy! Please share it with your friends!

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