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Can You Write Two Series at Once?

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Originally Published February 9, 2012

“Why did you start a second series before finishing the first?” Whether they ask it or not, I hear that question in my head every time I tell one of my friends or fans about my new book coming out in April of 2012, 2108: Eyes Open. It’s the first book in a NEW series. I’m always a tad embarrassed to say it isn’t the long awaited book two of The Realm Series.

But what is a person to do when they find out they are pregnant with a second child before the first has made it into kindergarten? Tell the second one to come back when the first one has graduated high school? Of course not, even though that would be easier in a lot of ways. You could pour all your attention on one at a time. But that’s not how families usually grow, and apparently, that is not how my brain works either.

I like new things, diversity and challenges. About a year ago, I was daydreaming about what a fun challenge it would be to write a futuristic book in the first person, present tense. I mean, who wouldn’t want to make up their own futuristic technology and try writing in a completely different style than they’re used to? Okay, well maybe a lot of people wouldn’t . . . but these are the kinds of things that make me drool.

So out of my daydreaming, has come a second “child.” Another mouth to feed. Another set of diapers to change . . . I mean, a second story to nurture, another story line to wander around in in my imagination. A second maze to figure out. I think my brain is happy. I’m a little nervous, as I’m sure most new moms of two kids are. But I’m also excited. Very excited for this new addition in my life. I hope you will be too! It’s been so much fun to write. I can’t wait to share my little “bundle of joy” with you all in a couple of months! I’ll get to introduce you to Jewel, Forge, Hope and heaps of other new characters.

And for those of you who are fans of The Realm Series, book two is already written and just needs to be edited. THAT is the next project. I can hear that child crying in the other room, needing some attention.

Can I write two series at once? We’ll find out. If you are an author or know of other authors who have done this successfully, please let me know! It would be encouraging. I might feel like I’m part of a parent support group or something.

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